Friday, October 20, 2023

6 Ways to Deal with a Hostile Manager by Jay Holstine


Hostile Manager

Most of us have been in a place where we have had to deal with a really difficult manager. They are hard to communicate with, they are hard to understand, and they are hard to work with. But remember that in the world of work, you will come across all different types of people, and you have to try and work your way through each one of them. In this guide, Jay Holstine takes you through a few ways to deal with a hostile manager

How to Deal with a Hostile Manager by Jay Holstine

Here are a few tips for dealing with a hostile manager.

Try to Give Your Best Performance 

When you perform really well, there is very little that your manager can say to you. When they see that you are working up to the expectations that they are laid ahead of you, the chances of them then being hostile toward you will be much lower. Remember that when you deliver high-quality work, people at the workplace will already hold you in much higher regard. 

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