Monday, August 23, 2021

Jay Holstine Launches Chief Executive

On July 13, 2021, Vistage Chair Jay Holstine launched a new chief executive peer group to serve the Dallas/Plano, Texas market. The group brings together CEOs from non-competing businesses, to share perspectives, learn from industry leaders, and gain strategic insights, to bring their leadership to new levels. Mr. Holstine’s group helps Dallas businesses accelerate their growth.

Vistage is the largest network of CEOs and business owners globally, with over 24,000 members in more than 20 countries across the world. Each of these groups comprises 12-16 business leaders, with companies in various industries. These peers come together every month for confidential meetings where they share insights on leadership and strategies to optimize personal and business performance.

Peer group meetings are a safe space for CEOs to open up about challenges, and discuss opportunities with people who understand the unique pressures of the position. Companies’ employees and stakeholders often look to their CEOs to answer all their businesses’ problems. In this peer group, executives can bring key business issues to the group and benefit from the shared wisdom of the group.

Peer group meetings are moderated by Vistage Chairs. These accomplished business leaders facilitate open discussions, frame issues, stimulate thinking, and keep meetings productive. Chairs are agents of influence who inspire decision-making and action-taking. They also offer one-on-one mentoring to business leaders, listening to their challenges, asking tough questions, and providing critical advice to foster business resilience and growth.

Many of the Vistage Chairs are former CEOs. Vistage undertakes a rigorous recruiting process to identify the most competent leaders and then selects a few to serve as Chairs. Vistage Chairs have a depth of experience leading high-performance teams, cultivating change, and achieving millions in profits for their organizations. They have strong business skills, expansive networks, good communication skills, and a deep desire to mentor new business leaders. Mr. Holstine, for example, founded a software company that he led for 12 years, acquiring 60 Fortune 500 customers before selling the company to a private equity firm. He went on to lead other software companies. Holstine has over 30 years of work experience, expertise in operations and regularly provides consultancy services on business scaling.

Besides regular meetings and personalized coaching from accomplished CEOs, Vistage peer group members also benefit from deep insights from subject matter experts at regional events, workshops, boot camps, and online. These speakers cover topics such as developing organizational culture, inspiring employees, and setting clear goals. These talks are complemented by Vistage’s own research insights.

The network conducts monthly and quarterly market surveys and delivers regular reports to its members on economic outlooks. These reports have become reliable indicators of trends such as employment, profit, and capital expenditure. Vistage also calls on top minds to create insightful articles that it avails to members.

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