Sunday, May 22, 2022

Members loved the meeting with Gair Maxwell

Our Vistage got so much value from Gair Maxwell's presentation. In addition Gair stayed and had dinner with several of the members to share additional insights and have a conversation that was enjoyed by all. VISTAGE WORLDWIDE CHAIR, CEO PEER GROUP ADVISOR JAY HOLSTINE Building and empowering a high-achieving CEO Peer group that produces more effective leaders is Jay Holstine’s passion. Jay manages the CEO Peer group issue resolution sessions that surface root causes, pooled perspectives and shared wisdom. Jay Holstine currently serves as chair and CEO peer group advisor at Vistage Worldwide in Dallas, Texas. The CEO Peer group contains approximately 18 members from non-competing businesses that support each other to become better leaders. In addition to chairing the group’s monthly meetings, Jay provides each member with one-to-one sessions to discuss issues, opportunities and business strategy.

Customer Complaints in the Retail Industry by Jay Holstine

  Regardless of your business, customer retention is key if you wish to succeed and grow exponentially. It is a known fact that if you want ...