Sunday, June 19, 2022

Jay Holstine asks Melanie Shaffer to speak with his CEO peer group

The need to be a step ahead of the pack with a compelling talent strategy has never been more essential. The talent game has changed, and new tools and strategies must be developed and deployed to inspire teams and individuals to execute on their most important work. Melanie Shaffer, President of Talent Suite, provides talent strategy and retention practices that are practical, low-cost, and immediately actionable to make a positive impact on the bottom line. Practical takeaways using your organization's behavioral data: Why people are capable of far more than we think. How your leaders can identify and hire talent based on fit to current role and future potential. What is needed to build and develop agile, high performing teams. How to develop your people and teams so they can flex and adapt to change. VISTAGE WORLDWIDE CEO PEER GROUP ADVISOR, JAY HOLSTINE Jay Holstine is a CEO Peer Group advisor in Dallas, Texas. His passion is building businesses. After growing a software company for 12 years, uncovering new markets, and ultimately selling it, Jay Holstine wanted to develop leaders, enable them make better decisions, and grow their companies. Jay wanted to build a legacy of high-performing leaders who are improving their communities. In an executive peer group, there is a shared wisdom (from successes, as well as mis-steps,) that helps you re-think accepted practices and habits, in order to forge new paths of success. Jay likes working with people who are also on a mission to create and build the best company, environment, and mindset that they can…. To make a difference in our community. In addition to this work, he functions as a managing director of Compass Advisory Consultants. In this position, he provides analytically-driven, profit-focused business advisory services to early-stage companies.

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