Sunday, October 24, 2021

Jay Holstine CEO peer group workshop focused on growing revenues

Jay Holstine CEO workshop focused on growing revenues

 Which new efficiencies are you incorporating to grow revenues?

CEOs at Jay Holstine’s executive advisory board discussed new technologies in operations as well as in communications, with the focus on growing revenues, by enhancing customer experience and increasing efficiency. Holstine chairs a Dallas, TX group of CEOs committed to leading their organizations to new levels of productivity.
“From tracking warehouse inventory with robots, and using cameras on drones, to communicating more effectively, there are important new ways to optimize productivity. These executives are analyzing the return-on-investment, and comparing their experiences,” Holstine said.
“Drones are also improving operations by enabling delivery drivers to deliver packages. The reduction in driving and emissions can reduce the overall cost of deliveries, as it delivers packages more quickly.
“Amidst the proliferation of technology in touch-screen kiosks, from self-check-in (at the airport, for example,) and self-check-out (at stores,) the goal is to help customers buy more, and then make that transaction process quicker and easier,” Holstine shared.
“Some of our members are looking at Artificial Intelligence’s ‘real-time’ understanding of the product pipeline. By combining data like registration numbers, factory statuses, and statistics from sales, AI can enhance large production-assembly processes. The more data that is fed into it, the more effective it becomes, helping your departments to be more profitable.” Holstine added.
“In a changing workplace, leaders are also optimizing communications, de-cluttering email, and honing their team’s focus. Our group shared new technologies and work trends and discussed the extent to which they were boosting efficiency,” Jay Holstine said.
“A lot of leaders are using Calendy to control email traffic, to schedule meetings without the repeated emails to narrow in common availability. Some are using Streak to manage multiple email threads. Most feel that changes in workplace location, and expectations require new techniques to manage the increasing onslaught of communications, more use of apps, and new practices.” Holstine offered.
“Another app translates language like “Monday at 1:30, manufacturing meeting,” to add calendar events without needing to toggle between windows. And several CEOs are finding that the Slack app helps reduce excess email, via an ‘instant message’ form of communication, which also unifies the distant team members.